Let Us Do the Work!

From procuring local and national advertising to custom ad design to seeing the finished product on-screen, we handle it all for you.


We deal with local businesses in person. When you call you will talk directly to one of us here at Parrot and will receive our full attention, and a handshake still means something to us.


Every person in our design team has over thirty years of experience. We use state-of-the-art software and our projectors are top-notch. We delight in being industry leaders.


When you call Parrot Film Company, you will talk directly to someone who actually works at Parrot Film Company and will receive individual attention. You'll never be redirected to a "help line" of any sort.

Parrot Film

Have you ever been to a movie at the theater where they show local and national ads before the main feature? Well, that’s what we do – we produce preshow cinema trailers (or “animated digital advertisements” to be precise) that run in movie theaters.

 Parrot Film’s theater partnerships are built on a commitment of integrity and service. Personal service to both the theater and advertisers has been crucial in our development. It is our goal to provide each of our theater partners with quality advertising programs that are affordable to local merchants as well as meet theaters’ needs for an additional revenue source. Parrot offers animated digital advertisements to theater at no cost to the theater owner.

Here are some ads we’ve done recently:

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