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Are you a Theater Owner or Manager?

Parrot Film Co. will be happy to assist you in a number of ways with local advertising. Available options include:

National Advertising

Parrot Film Co. is an official agent of Screenvision®, a worldwide leader in cinema advertising, giving us the ability to provide national on-screen advertising to all theatre exhibitors. Parrot understands how busy the theatre owner and manager can be so we take all of the work out of receiving national advertisements, all you need to do is play the ads. Parrot can provide national advertising paired with local advertising or alone.

Sales – Creative – Production

We will visit your community and identify and sell prospective advertisers. Once the sale has been made, our production department will custom design and produce the advertising either digitally or for rolling stock according to your theater’s needs. Parrot will also complete the necessary paperwork for cooperative advertising dollars for the merchant. The theater will receive payment for showing the commercials.

Creative – Production

You or a representative of your theater sells the advertising and Parrot Film Co. will custom design and produce the ads either digitally or for rolling stock according to your needs. Ads may be static or animated.


If you wish, you may provide ads in a supported format (see “Ad Specifications” for details) and Parrot Film Co. will use that to produce the ads.

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