What We Need

Here is a handy video guide of what Parrot Film needs in order to make an effective ad:


Graphics are best in 300dpi Adobe Photoshop (PSD) or Adobe Illustrator (AI) file formats. Other acceptable formats are: PDF, TIFF, or EPS.

Files sent as GIF, JPEG or BMP format are generally a lower resolution and may result in poor image quality. Graphics taken from web sites or Facebook are generally very low resolution and result in a highly pixilated image. We can try to fix this, but please be warned that some low-resolution photos simply won’t work well. Unfortunately Microsoft Word documents, Publisher files, and Power Point presentations cannot be used.

It helps our design staff out greatly if you provide graphics that have a consistent orientation. For example, if you send us four photos that are landscape (short in height, but longer in width) and a fifth photo that’s portrait (tall and skinny), we have a heck of a time trying to find a way to integrate the “oddball” photo.

When sending digital files of artwork (such as a logo) it is better if they are vector based. This means they will scale without distortion. If you are sending raster images of logos or other artwork, please be sure that they have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and be at least 750px in the shortest dimension. If the images do not meet these specifications they may result in a poor quality image on the theater screen.

Photos taken on a digital camera need to be at least three megapixels or larger. Again, pictures taken from websites or Facebook are generally too small to use on the big screen.

 Any copyrighted material is the advertiser’s responsibility. Parrot Film Co. is not responsible for any use of copyrighted images.

Royalty free stock images are available through Parrot. In other words, we may be able to find images for you.

Graphics may be submitted on CD/DVD, through our web site, or via email.

Materials may be mailed to:
Parrot Film Co.
6315 Center Street, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68106

Completed Spots

If you wish, you are welcome to provide your own completed ad. The projectors used to play the ads are very picky, so we will convert your file to the needed specifications, but it would help us greatly if you created the file at 1920 x 858 pixels. Ads must be 20 seconds in length unless other arrangements have been made. High-definition H.264 .mp4s work well, as do .mov formats, but we can accept nearly any video format. The ad will play at 24 frames per second, and the audio will be in stereo.

If you provide a file at a different size (most high-resolution videos are 1920×1080, slightly different than we need) our designers will use their discretion to get your ad to fit our specifications gracefully. If your ad is too small (a common problem with people who provide ads that have been used on the Internet) we will let you know. In either case, our designers will send you a proof if they change anything or see a potential problem.

You may upload any files through our Upload Page.

 Any copyrighted material is the advertiser’s responsibility. Parrot Film Co. is not responsible for any use of copyrighted images, videos, or music you may provide.