Advertising with Parrot Film Co. is an efficient and affordable way for you to reach your customer base with our one-stop-shop approach to creating maximum impact for your business.

  • Moviegoers find cinema ads 65% more memorable than local newspaper ads
  • 73% of moviegoers who are familiar with a local business demonstrate a greater likelihood to purchase from that business

 Cinema advertising campaigns deliver return on investment through high recall and purchase intent. Longer running campaigns deliver:

  • 76% recall advantage over short-term campaigns
  • Twice the purchase intent advantage over short-term campaigns

 Moviegoers are receptive toward cinema advertising and entertainment content:

  • 89% of moviegoers enjoy the preshow
  • 69% find the slide ads for local businesses informative
  • 78% enjoy the movie trivia and movie line quotes

Cinema advertising increases your customer base by reaching multiple decision makers:

  • 92% of moviegoers attend the movies with someone else
  • 42% of moviegoers attend with a spouse/partner/date
  • 34% of moviegoers attend with friends
  • 28% of moviegoers attend with children

Advertising in your local theater is a great way to connect with the neighborhood as your theatre’s customers are also your customers.

With Parrot Film Co, you can:

  • Create pin-point campaigns by theater or market to efficiently reach your core customer base
  • Use our in-house production team to help you easily and affordably create your perfect campaign

Here’s a neat sample: